The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playrooms

The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playrooms

One of the challenges many parents have when designing a room for their children is deciding on a window treatment. Children’s window treatments need to provide the perfect aesthetic to the room all while being safe and blocking out the morning sunlight. Another key factor in deciding on the type of window treatment is the ability to keep it clean. Luckily, there are many options that should fill your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the kid-friendly blinds, shades, and others to determine the best window treatments for kids’ rooms and playrooms.

The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playrooms
The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playroomskids'

Motorized And Cordless Window Treatments

Safety, of course, is one of the major concerns parents have when it comes to choosing the right window covering for their kids’ window coverings. Window treatments with long cords can become hazards for both pets as well as children. The long cords can accidentally trip or get wrapped around a child when playing. Because of this, you’ll want to look at blinds that are either cordless or ones with a motorized lifting system. These motorized blinds allow you to control the opening and closing of the blinds remotely. The remote system can be a button, a phone app, or a smart home voice control.

Cordless blinds are just that, cordless. The controlling system is done manually without a long, dangerous cord. Some cordless options include pulling up or down on the bottom rail, a stick in place of the cord, and there are even retractable cord options keeping the opening operation similar to a corded blind without the danger or mess of the typical system.

Blackout Shades And Room Darkening Coverings

Kid-friendly blinds are safe and fun. However, tired parents everywhere enjoy sleeping in when they can! Room darkening shades in the children’s room are essential for a few more hours of sleep for the parents! Many children wake up when the sun peeks through their window in the morning. Children's blinds should offer some type of room darkening so that this doesn’t happen. Children (and parents!) need their sleep. Blackout and room darkening coverings are especially important if the sun rises right into the room. There are many options available that will provide you with the specific light control you require in your child’s room. Opening the blinds to let the bright light in during the day, and darkening the room when it is nap time is precious.

The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playrooms
The Best Window Treatments For Kids’ Rooms And Playrooms

Vibrant Colors And Styles Equals Fun!

You can find just about any type of window covering in fun, vibrant colors and designs. Boys window treatments or girls bedroom window treatments are easy to find and make an impact on the overall design of their bedroom. Window treatments can be customized by color, design, as well as finish. A window covering finish can be anywhere from a flat matte look to a metallic and pearlescent look. Window coverings in your child’s room do not need to be plain and boring. Make their coverings come alive with your imagination and available customization.

Consider The Future

When designing the room for your child, keep in mind that as they grow older they will want some things different in their room. It is relatively inexpensive to change the color on their walls or switch out their bedding. By purchasing a window covering that can be used at different stages of your child’s life will benefit the two of you. Consider neutral colors or colors and patterns that will withstand changes in the room.

Fun, Functional, And Safe

Choosing high-quality materials and selecting the right colors for your child is a fun and exciting experience. Keep the safety of your child in mind when deciding on the mechanics used to open and close the blinds. Window coverings are an investment that can make your child's room comfortable, fun, and functional.